Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cameron Highland, Pahang, Malaysia

Hibiscus flower at Cactus Valley
Cameron Highland Resort

Road heading to Equatorial Hotel
BOH tea plantation
One of my favourite place to relax in Malaysia is Cameron Highland. Cameron Highland located 4 hours driving from Kuala Lumpur. Since I am nature loving, I love Cameoron Highland more than Genting Highland. Cameron Highland is hillside resort located in Pahang. The air is cool and fresh.
Activity in Cameron Highland including visiting BOH tea plantation in Sungai Palas, visiting cactus valley and strawberry park. If you are more adventureos, you could go hiking into rainforest.
Where to stay? Cameron Highland offers a variety of luxury hotel. My favourite is Equatorial Hotel. The hotel located in Brinchang, one of the tallest place in Cameron. Breakfast is variety and surrounding area is great. I love the heated indoor swimming pool.
Cameron Highland also has a number of private apartment or bungalows. If you bring your familiy, is cheaper to rent the whole apartment or bungalows.
Driving tips: Before drive, check your coolant. Buy and top up before climbing hills. Makesure your fuel is almost full because all the way up from highway exit, there are no fuel station. In Cameron Highland, there are several fuel station. Before you going back, top up your fuel. Is cheaper to buy fuel in cool climate. Switch on light in mist. Do not use hazard light.
For easy driving, use North-South Highway exit Simpang Pulai to go to Cameron Highland (more info visit
Do: Bring light warm cloth, buy fresh vegetables and flowers and visit BOH plantation.
Don't: Sun bathing (it's cool there).

Monday, September 22, 2008

House Renovation

Hai saya Andre. Kalau ada cewek Malaysia mahu berkenalan bolehlah nelpon sama saya.
Renovating a house is often more complex than buying the house. You need to blend the new structure with existing structure safely but elegantly. At the same time, it must fit your budget and in-line with local housing regulation. Here are some tips:-
  1. Plan the drawing. Discuss with your wife, cats, friends... Get "pelukis plan" to draw drawing and submit drawing to local authority (Those majlis ex: MPPJ, MPM etc)
  2. Get quotation from contractors as many as you like. Request the to write the details including type of beam and piling, how many pillars, what type of construction material (ex: sand brick or mud brick).
  3. Once selected write a simple contract. Start payment and building construction progress. But always visit the construction site (it's your house anyway)
  4. During construction maybe you want to insert something in the house structure for example salt to woo away mites or maybe evil spirit.... if you believe on that.
Do: Get local authority approval. pay with cheque and write everything in contract
Don't: Don't quarrel with contractor, pay lump sump or huge percentage during early stages of construction (always pay in stages as agreed and reserve 5-10% and pay after 2-4 weeks after construction complete)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung, Indonesia

Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung, Indonesia is a breath taking place. The scenary is wonderful, air is cool and walking above a live volcano, hot rock and boiling water is experience you could never forget.

But beware with people who self proclaim hiking guide. They (many of them) will make you lose million of Rupiah for their fee and selling cheap but very expensive souvineer. Politely ignore them, take picture and :-) get out from there.

Better you spend your money somewhere else. Spending for food and going to the Spa is a better option.
Do: Take picture and dip leg into hot volcano mud

Don't: Go hiking (just ignore people who offer you to sighseeing)

Property Investment

Mentari Court Aparment, Sunway. Near Komuter, 6 Swimming pool (3 adult and 3 child pool)and 24 hours security.

One of the simplest way to generate passive income is by property investment.
1) Buy a cheap but strategic appartment
- Near public transport, school etc

2) Clean the house, paint if neccesary. Put some WOW factor such as tiles and cheap but beautifull lamp.

3) Advertise to get a good tenant

4) Don't forget to insured your house

5) Sell or refinance the house when the price is up

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Air Asia

If you are from Asia or Australia, one of the option to fly is using Air Asia. Air Asia is a no frills airline that is cheap, comfortable and safe. I personally use the Air Asia and I am satisfied with the service (of course comparable with the low price offered). Air Asia ticket can be purchase online via Make sure you print out your ticket and bring the ticket along with you. The ticket price is depend on the demand. If the demand is high, the price will be increase. To increase your chances getting low price is by travelling on weekdays. If possible, avoid weekend and school holidays (normally in Disember). Air Asia operated using new Airbus A320 fleet (which is slighly bigger than B737). For long haul flight, Air Asia operated using A330. Air Asia operated in Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). The cheapest way to travel to Kuala Lumpur is by Airport Bus. Right in front of arrival entrance, there are red bus line up. Before you board the bus, makesure the bus destination is KL Sentral. The cost is around RM10. KL Sentral is transporatation hub of Kuala Lumpur. International and local train as well as Light Rapid Transit (LRT) and monorail is connected in KL Sentral. So, log on to Air Asia and start packing your bags....

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