Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Tourist thanking Bali Volunteer to cleanup beach

You can learn surfing at Kuta beach

Kuta beach is a long stretch beach.
When I am teenager, I enjoy a song called Denpasar Moon. Denpasar is capital of Bali. Denpasar also international airport for Bali.
About 15 minute drive from the airport is Kuta town and Kuta beach. Along the beach there are dozen of high end hotels. But on a second layer of the building, there are a lot of budget hotels which is affordably price.
As an international destination, Kuta beach is well known among westerner. So there are a lot of bikini clad sun lover enjoying bright sunny Kuta beach.
Kuta beach also popular with surfing as the wave can reach 10 meters high. In term of safety, the beach equipped with life guard and loud speaker to warn people if there is an incoming Tsunami.
In term of cleanliness, local government of Bali cooperated with local petty seller to spend 30 minute of their time to clean the beach.
Do: Surfing, swimming and sun bathing
Don't: Think about your work. Hahaha.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Investing for future generation

One of the objective to invest and to save is for future generation or for your children. People spend hundreds  or even thousand per month to buy insurance and takaful.

In my opinion, the basic pricinciple of protection is to protect the income earner. For example you must buy insurance for yourself first before buying insurance for you children. The insurance will protect you as a bread winner of the family.

As for myself, even I have some Takaful to protect me and SSPN for my children, buying property for example house is also protection for my family.

My housing loan is protected by Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA). Read further from

The advantage of property as an investment for future generation is as below:
  1. Value of the house is usually appriciate. (Sum vovered by Insurance is fixed)
  2. Pay the house and get direct benefit (Insurance you pay every month and get benefit only something happened to you or upon maturity of the insurance if applicable)
  3. MRTA will cover the loan if disability to you
  4. If you rent the house, the rental will cover your investment and protection. Free house and free protection for you.
But you still need insurance or takaful to cover your medical expenses. MRTA will not cover for you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hooray! Early retirement for me (In the game only)

My first encounter of the magic word "passive income" is about 8 years ago when I am in final year of my study. I bought a discounted paper back edition of Rich Dad Poor Dad which cost me about RM50. A huge sum of money because I am still student.

On my first year of employment, I am in dilemma because I was offered cheap house by my friend. Less than RM40k. My dad (not a rich dad type I guest) did not encourage me to buy the property since my income was not stable. But the word "passive income" make me determined to buy the house and once I get the key, I rent the house.
I need to up hundred ringgit per month on house installment because my loan tenure is very short. After 5 years, It will become positive.
Property or house is one of the simplest (not easy) way to get passive income. Put deposits, buy house and rent it. Makesure the location of the house is strategic. Near city and near to the public transportation. Buying cheap house instead of condo enable you to easily rent the house.
It's better to buy multiple low cost house than to buy single condo. The risk is split and the return is higher.
Let me put example. I rent my 4ok house each month is 300 bucks. My friend rent his 100k house for 550 bucks. Which is better (80k = 600/month) or (100k = 550).
But bear in mind investment is about risk. Only invest when you can bear the risk. Investment without risk is totally lies.

Grilled fish behind Istana Negara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jalan Istana (Palace Road)
My favourite, grilled squid
Grilled fish

One of the famous tourist attraction is Istana Negara (National Palace). Like Buckingham Palace in London, you can see the ceremony of changing guards.

Another attraction (not quite famous among foreigners) is at the back of Istana Negara. You can access the food stalls near the Alice Smith International School. 

The food stall is quite hot at noon. The speaciality is grilled sea food including fish and squids.

The food is affordable, the seafood is fresh and there also stall which sell fresh fruits.

After eat, my tummy is very full. My eyes is sleepy and Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Bandung Train Station, Bandung, Indonesia

Ticket price
One of the exotic way to travel in indonesia is by using train. One of the impresive route is Bandung-Jogjakarta. THe route will cross paddy field and mountain area. But the train is always full and early booking is required.

Unlike in Malaysia, to enter train station you need to pay ticket (around 5000Rp or RM1.50). At the train station there are many platform but to go from one platform to another, you need to cross the railway track. Do check whether there are incoming train before you cross the track.

Investing in Vacation Club?

Investing in Vacation Club? Sound good.
You pay RM21k, you get all your money back in 38 years.
You can use the room for 14 days/year.

Sound good. But this what I've been told when I visit one of the booth at Matta Fair.
I speent 120minutes (2 hours). Damn, I lost my time.

But they did not manage to convince me and in return I've got 4D3N voucher that can only be use during weekdays.

The investment is very risky to me. You dumb RM21k. Every year need to pay maintenance. It did not gurantee you, you get the rooms when you want to apply for the room. It is also very hard to sell room to other. You will compete with hotel online booking. 

Better use the money to pay deposit to buy a cheap house. Rent it and stay at 5 stars hotel. Or 5 star bed at tune hotel.

Still don't believe me. Search "vacation club penipu" and the Google will answer all your question.

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