Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tanjung Ketapang, Muar, Johor Malaysia

Welcome to Tanjung Ketapang Park

Monkey lining for food

My big face

Thirsty monkey

Visitor visiting monkey infested jetty. If you are faint heart, do not enter

Monkey business

Monkey and baby

At first, the park is designated for camping and jogging. But the park is famous for their resident, monkey. The monkey in the park is left wild with their diet mainly come from visitor giving food to them.

The spot is more popular to local tourist. If you want better experience, better bring from home some fruits and water to give to the monkey. To avoid any bad incident, do not display the food in front of the monkey so that the monkey did not attack you to get the food.

Friday, January 16, 2009

20th day Gaza Holocaust

It is very sad that the world stood silence when 1100 people died in the 20th day of Israel "military operation" in Gaza. The reason : To destroy rocket launcher site that kills 27 Israel (statistics from 1995 - 2009).

Hamas rocket kills 27 Israel in 14 years compared to Israel bombing that kills 1100 people. Come on US citizens, it is your money (your tax money) that been channeled to Israel to kill people. Hey, 1100 people died in the 20th day of conflict is nothing compared with more than 300,000 palestine died when Israel country occupied Palestine almost 60 years ago.

Enough is enough. World should act now. Don't blame US, don't blame UN, don't blame arabs. Blame yourself. Yes you. STOP BUYING US AND ISRAEL PRODUCT. Every dolar you spent for Isreal is for bullet that killed not only people but peace, justice and human dignity.

List of US and Israel product

Gaza Today

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Genting Highland, Pahang, Malaysia

Monorail inside Indoor Theme Park

Space shot for adrenaline junkies

Genting Splash with heated pool. Great discount if you stay in First World Hotel

Outdoor Theme Park

Indoor Theme Park

Genting is a fun place to visit. Genting is a mountain area located one hour drive from Kuala Lumpur.

How to go:-

  1. Easiest and cheapest way is to buy package at KL Sentral or Terminal Putra. The cost of whole package (bus + cable car + outdoor theme park ticket) is cheaper than unlimited outdoor ticket buy at outdoor theme park entrace. An express bus will fetch you at the terminal. Than you will ride cable car to the top. (Approximately less than RM40)

  2. By car go to the East Coast Highway toward Kuantan and before Genting Sempah Tunnel take exit to the Genting.

  3. Most weekend, hotel room is fully book. Book hotel in advance via

  1. Bring along essential item such as mineral water and battery as the price in Genting Highland is more expensive

  2. Bring warm cloth as it's 10 degress cooler than the ground

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Pink House

Concrete table top

Corner Spotlight. Bought from Seng Hup for RM 7 each (normal RM 21)

Frosted glass give better lighting

It is funny that I already let my 2 house for rent but I myself rent the house from others. The reason is I don't have much money for renovation (I renovate the house using money from deposits). Finally after almost 5 years renting house, I could live in my own house (of course still borrow from banks). The house I bought from auction about a year ago by rented it out full furnish to arabic student. Unfortunately the payment is not quite good so I decided to move into my own house.
Luckily I found one Indonesian contractor who could renovate my house with affordable price. First I intended to only tiles the house and installing concrete kitchen cabinet, but in the end I also install plaster ceiling.
Steps for great house renovation
  1. Plan carefully the objective of the renovation and the budget. Reserve 20% - 50%for extra budget
  2. Plan all the works, if possible include minor thing in the package for example extra plug for aircond and water heater.
  3. Buy accesories such as lamp, kitchen and water heater so the contractor could install for FREE
  4. Survey for contractors. Request the contractor to give quotation. Put all things discuss with contractor in writings
  5. Monitor the renovation progress. Pay progress payment. DO NOT fay full payment until 100% finished.
  6. Change lock to new one after finish renovating

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