Saturday, November 28, 2009

Toyota Vios 1.5 vs Toyota Hilux

Wrapped in plastice bag before to be send to repair.

Send to Toyota Service Centre to get new original spare part

Just before Iduladha, Toyota Hilux collided with my car at NKVE just before Sungai Buloh Exit.
A chinese man than came out from Toyota Hilux and say that he will pay RM 500 for the accident. He said he is in hurry for the meeting. I don't want to accept RM 500 because I think for such damage, the cost is higher. He asked me just to accept the RM 500 and make false police report to claim my insurance which I refuse. He tried to shout at me and said he is very late for the meeting. I scold him back because he break the law by following my car very near and failed to stop his car even in very low speed drive.

Than we try to make police report but for accident along highway at Selangor, should be reported to IPD Selangor near PJ.

I drove my car to Toyota Service Centre Jalan 217 and estimated cost to repair my car is RM3000 - RM 5000. Since the cost is much higher than RM500 he offered, I call the chinese man and said I will make a police report. So I make my report at IPD Selangor PJ.

Afterward at night, police officer call me to go back again to police station to record my statement. The chinese guy claim that I change my lane suddenly and this cause and accident. I stood to my point and I have alibi that I do not need to change a lane. I also said that the idiot guy even suggest to me to make false police report. At last the police officer agreed that the chinese guy is the cause of the accident.

What I learn from this case is making police report is the best way to financially cover the cost of accident. Outside settlement is a no-no and let police fine anyone who break the law. Let them know that we are strong and honest.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Home Refinancing

Home Refinancing enable you to have better loan rates and extra cash for investment

Alhamdulillah before the end of this year I manage to acquire one property and refinance one property.
Why refinance? One of the reason is to have better profit rates and more cash in hands. My previous loan is BLR + 0.1% with no ceiling rate (conventional loan) but the new loan is BLR - 1.9% with ceiling rate of 10.25% (Islamic financing).
I also extend the lending to reduce monthly installment. With cash in hand from refinancing exercise enable me to prepare for next year investment.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Proposal for the extension of Ampang and Kelana Jaya Lines

Original Proposal by SPNB

Proposal 1:
Branch off LRT to connect Red Line (Kelana Jaya) and Green Line (Puchong)

Proposal 2:
Monorail to connect Setia Jaya Komuter station, red line and green line.

Effective public transportation is an essential for socio-economic growth. Reliable public transportation can reduce cost of transportation thus reducing congestion, reducing pollution and increasing productivity.

However looking at the original proposal, some improvement need to be done in order to increase LRT effectiveness.

Using original proposal, commuters from Puchong to Kelana Jaya need to travel back to Bandar Putra, change train there. On the other hand, commuters from Port Klang need to change train twice at Subang Jaya and Bandar Putra.

Thus, there is a need of LRT branch off to connect between Green Line and Red Line.
The Subang Jaya Komuter Station need to be upgrade and it is propose it become transit hub like KL Sentral. The line can be considered to be extend to the new Shah Alam terminal at Batu 3 and Melawati Stadium to accommodate Park and Ride facilities for Shah Alam people.
It is a fair proposal that could benefit most people in major town in Selangor.

Alternatively, if there is a strain of time, money and space, reviving Sunway Monorail is another option. A single track shuttle can be connect between Green Line and Red Line. Another single track can connect Setia Jaya Komuter Station to the interconnecting Green and Red Line via Sunway Pyramid.

It is propose SPNB, takeover the Sunway Monorai, revive it and integrate it to the LRT system.

Last but not least, KTMB must do their part by providing enough Komuter train to support surge in passanger in Subang Jaya Komuter station and maybe in future to provide non-stop service between Subang Jaya and KL Sentral.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good Bye Nissan 130Y

Door handle taken from my Datsun 120Y

Original 1.3l Carburetor Engine.
Original gearbox replace with Nissan Sentra 5 speed manual gearbox

Clocked 282,220 KM!!!

Original 13" Alloy Rim with 175/70 series tyre

Sun Visor taken from Datsun 120Y

After 25 years of operation, the Nissan Sunny 130Y still as good as new. Only the interior is some kind deteriorated due to old age and damage by the sun.

But fortunately, some of the fittings, is same as my Datsun 120Y so before the car send to scrap, I manage to salvage door handle and sun visor. Surprisingly it's fit. The screw is the same type.

This car is very nostalgic to my family but maintaining many cars will cause some financial burden espeacially third party insurance is very hard to get nowadays. Plus there are simply not enough space to park the car.

So my father decided to sell it to my relative. Hopefully the car still continue it's good deed to new owner.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Location Location Location. Lesson from SImcity 3000

Dual pump jetty to enhance water supply without using too much space.
Buying apartment with water supply directly from Syabas will reduce problem by maintenance office. In Selangor, you will also receive 20 cubic meter free per month.

LRT and Komuter interchange should be very efficient.
When will Putra LRT will be extended to Subang Jaya Komuter Station?

Property near green areas such as Golf Resort is ideal for living.

House near LRT/Komuter station may have high rental value.
Wonder when is KL will be equipped with reliable mass transportation.

Avoid buying house near power statio or substation

Having public transportation may reduce congestion and reduce pollution.

House near higher education is good for investment.
But noise from student may deter family to live there.

My ultra high density 2 million resident of Simcity 3000

It is property mantra. Location-Location-Location. But it depends on what purpose of your property.

If for investment than the mantra will be like Near Public Transport - Near to workplace - Near to shopping complex.

It is very different than property for you to live. Maybe the mantra is Security - Near to workplace - Near to school.

But whatever it is, no property is perfect. A perfect property maybe already too expensive and when you buy the property, the appreciation of value is quite minimal.

I remember to my first property. It's cheap. Near to school and mosque. Highway is yet to be completed (not proposed but under final stage of construction). Shop house completed but no shop. After 2 years, the highway completed and shop house occupied. The property have it's all element of location-location-location.

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