Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Bye JAF (Datsun 120Y B310)

Mitsubishi Emblem replacing Datsun

Evo III skirting

Clocked 221,567 km!

Inner interior with Auto Gearbox

1.2l engine upgraded to 1.5l with Electronic Injection
Break pump from Toyota.

My father bought the car after I was born. Sharing the same birth year as mine give much sentimental value to the car.

The car was given to me on my first year of the study. As a young adult, of course I love the car and convert it into what is today. The car was painted with pearl white with EVO III skirting, Mitsubishi emblem and spoiler.

On my final year, after much high speed driving, the gearbox give away and I fork out RM1000 for a second hand gear box.

The box still with me when I am working at KL. Once again, the tired 1.2l engine replace to 1.5l engine. The second hand gear box cannot cope with the new engine and replace to automatic transmission system. The new auto gear box was equipped with ATF cooler (much more advance than Perdana at that time).

Today sadly, the car will be send to scrap for RM5000 voucher for new Proton.

Hopefully the car will be send to smelting plant and will become a true Mitsubishi Evo. Next time when you buy new car, your new car maybe my Datsun 120Y or EVO III.

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