Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mekong River Delta Cruise

For me one of the interesting place to visit in Ho Chi Minh City is Mekong River Delta. Mekong River is on of the longest in the world and it pass several countries such as Thailand and Cambodia before reaching Vietnam.

The river cruise is quite affordable and if I am not mistaken it cost you 100,000 Dong for 3 to 4 hours tour. You will be given opportunity to visit bee farm, coconut sweet factory, fruit orchard and many others.

The best time to travel here is between December to March as the monsoon seasoned ended in December and the weather is quite windy and cold. After March the weather is hotter and drier.

Anyway enjoy the picture

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Malaysian Street at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nguyen An Ninh Street near Ben Tanh Market is nicknamed Malaysian Street. More than 90 percent of the visitors there is from Malaysia.

Do you know that 1 million Dong is about RM170 while 1 million rupiah.

Getting muslim food or halal food is very easy at this street. However the price is quite high ranging from RM10 to RM25.

1)Use Vinasun taxi. They always use meter
2) Use Ringgit
3) Change Ringgit to Dong from local tour guide. You get better rate
4) Bargain hard. Try start from quarter from the price. Maybe the worst you can get half the price. Maybe you can get your intended price if you try to walk away from the stall.

1) USD altoght widely acceptable, keep low profile and get cheaper bargain by using Ringgit or Dong.
2) Do not change your money at the airport. It is expensive
2) Ensure that you are healthy (no fever) when you enter the Vietnamese Immigration check point. The health inspector is ready to
4) Spent all the Dong you have. When you return to Malaysia, the exchange is not good for you.

Paradise Malacca Village Resort

This is an abandoned resort a few year ago. During its hey day in 1990s, the resort is one of the best resort in Malacca. However the resort is completely abandoned. This is some of the picture of the resort during its good time. http://www.melaka.net/paradisemv/

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