Friday, April 23, 2010

My Dream Job

My dream job is to own small or medium sized beach resort. The inspiration come from my endless journey reviewing chalet and hotel all over Malaysia. I dream starting and ending my day with swimming in either swimming pool or beach. Between those, I keep smiling to my customer welcoming them to my resort.

I knew one small resort owner every morning he manage to catch small fish at the beach and by 11 am he start cleaning check-out customer and prepare the room for check in. And by evening he can continue relax at the beach.

On my journey to Taman Negara Pahang, the guide confessed to me that he used to work as Bank Manager. He admit the career is rewarding in term of money but stressful. So he start tourism based business and bring tourist into National Park. Even his radio music is no rock, rap or pop but the recording of singing bird and waterfall.

By meantime, enjoy the picture I taken during my recent holiday at Langkawi Island.

Exit Strategy

Many businessman have contingency plan but many failed to outline exit strategy

Exit strategy in my definitions is strategy to safely exit existing venture with no or minimal lost. Defining exit strategy is first by identifying what is worse case scenario that could be face in one venture. The scenario where how much effort we have done, we still cannot recover the business.

I would like to share exit scenario for Boeing 747 project. They have multiple plan to market the Boieng 747 into passenger jet. But if the Boeing 747 failed to become a leading passenger jet, then then the double decker design of Boeing 747 can be easily turn into cargo gate to turn the Boeing.

In conclusion, put up the best contingency plan for your business or even your career plan. But at the end of the day, you should plan your exit strategy just as you plan which is the nearest exit in the plane should the plane crash landing.

Langkawi Cable Car, Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Each gondola can accomodate 6 adults

Breathtaking view on the top

Sky bridge provide 360 view of Langkawi Island

Longest span and steepest climb in the world

Beside beautiful white sandy beaches, Langkawi latest attraction is Gunung Machincang Cable Car. Located near oriental village, Langkawi cable car have 2 stops and 2 viewing platforms.

No need to say more word, Langkawi cable car is a must visit place when you visit Langkawi. Entry fee is quite cheap but during weekend, it will be more crowded. Alternatively you can visit on afternoon or on weekdays.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grace Garden, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Secured front access will ensure your safety.
Try to enter the apartment/condo. If harder to enter means security more tighter.

Dedicated club house for swimming pool will ensure your privacy when swimming

Consider low density condominium

With rising land price, investing in strata property such as apartment and condominium become a trend right now. The advantage of investing such property is low entry price and higher monthly Return on Investment (ROI). Low entry price mean you can book the apartment sometime as low as RM1000 and get 100% loan. In term of rental income, your monthly rental should easily surpassed monthly bank loan payment as well as maintenance fee.

And some people like me prefer living in condominium. It's provide secured environment as well as easy access to city centre and public transportation. I love swimming and living in condominium provide me an opportunity to swim whenever I like.

The disadvantage of course since condominium management is shared among people living inside give much headache especially to Joint Management Body (JMB). If you buying completed condo, try to talk to local people and rate the JMB performance.

And remember, selecting a good developer will ensure faster process to obtain Strata Title as most apartment and condomunium still without strata title.

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