Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Boh Tea Centre, Sungai Palas, Cameron Highland, Pahang, Malaysia

Boh Tea Centre Entrance

Tea Field

Worker's Quarters

Narrow road toward the exhibition centre

Free advertisement. Boh Tea

Drying tea old fashion way

It is incomplete if you visit Cameron Highland if you not not visiting Boh Tea Centre. I cannot say anything, The view is scenic. The tea centre is also entertaining and educational. Entrance fee is free. You can view actual workers doing actual job processing tea. There is also tour guide to guide you.
After visiting the tea factory you can go shopping for all the "tea" thing and there is also cafe at the edge of the cliff. You can drink the hot tea, eat cakes and enjoy the view of the tea field.
How to go:-
By car go toward Brinchang and after Hotel Equatorial, you can see Sungai Palas plantation on your left. Please note the road is quite narrow but there is a few spot where two car or even bus can pass each other. When entering blind spot, use your honk.
By bus or taxi from Cameron Highland bus station direct to the tea centre.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Genting Splash, Genting Theme Park, Malaysia

I love swimming. Swimming is a good non-impact exercise. But Genting Splash is not quite for swimming. The heated swimming pool theme park is located inside indoor theme park. If you are first world hotel customer, you will get much discount.
Genting Splash is not as big as A Famosa or Sunway Water Park. It is much smaller. But to keeep your children occupied, you can have a visit.

Money Black Hole

Money Black Hole
When you receive your salary, you cannot determine where your money goes. In the end, we finish all the salary with only minimum amount for savings and investment.
1) We need to draft where our money goes in and out(housing loan, car loan, fuel, etc)
2) List top 10 where our money goes
3) Develop strategy to reduce the payment (refinance, full settlement etc)
4) Channel the savings into investment
5) List all our spending for month
6) Repeat step 2, 3 and 4.
The goal is to ensure passive income that can suppport your lifestyle.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Keep Your Body and Tax Slim

Surfing is one of the sport included in Sport Development Act 1997

When you filling up tax form, you must keep all your receipt in order to get tax deduction. Example of receipt tou must keep it is recipt to buy books and sport equipment. You will get a deduction of RM 300 for each year of assessment for the purchase of sports and exercise equipment for any sports activities defined under the Sport Development Act 1997. However tax deduction for sport wear such as swimwear and shoes is not allowed. So what is the sport defined in Sport Development Act 1997? Below are the list of sport taken from the act.

Further reading.

1. Archery
2. Athletics
3. Aquatics
4. Automobile Sports
5. Badminton
6. Basketball
7. Billiards and Snooker
8. Body Building
9. Bowling
10. Boxing
11. Cricket
12. Cycling
13. Equestrian Sports
14. Fencing
15. Foolball
16. Golf
17. Gymnastics
18. Handball
19. Hockey
20. Judo
21. Karate Do
22. Lawn Bowls
23. Netball
24. Rugby
25. Sepak Takraw
26. Shooting
27. Silat Olahraga
28. Soft Tennis
29. Softball
30. Squash
31. Table Tennis
32. Tae kwan do
33. Tennis
34. Volleyball
35. Waterski
36. Weightlifting
37. Wrestling
38. Wushu
39. Yachting

Exercise and keep fit. Keep your body and tax slim

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dare to Fail

Dare to fail

In our life, we will face many failure. People who do not face failure maybe a type of people who did not try. If you don't try, you cannot achieve maximum potential of yourself. Failure is a risk we face if we try. Let say the success rate 90%, the failure rate is 10%. But if you do not try, success rate is 0% and failure rate is 100%.

When you work harder, the success rate will be higher let say 99.9%. But stil there is 0.1% chances of fail. In this case, below are the tips to face failure.

  1. Think and act positive on failure
  2. Find root cause of failure. Do not find scape goat
  3. Dig, find and write your strength
  4. Catch new opportunity
  5. Learn from failure, change strategy and act
  6. Always remember that how hard you work, there is always chances of failure. Pray and let Allah decide your faith.

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