Sunday, March 15, 2009

Matta Fair 2009

Jewel Fair

Matta Promotion at Putra Komuter Station

Promotion by turkish people

Long que at Matta fair. Admission fee is RM3.00

Inside Matta Fair

Clowing around

Performance by Philipine artist

I am quite tired today because I just come back from Matta fair. This year Matta fair like before is at PWTC. There is a lot of bargain at Matta fair but personally I think air ticket offered online is more cheaper. Since I have some contact before this, it's cheaper for me to arrange the ground arangement myself.

But buying the ground arrangement from reputable company will ensure that you will always get what you buy.

But anyway I do buy something at Matta Fair. It's still secret but I will post the picture once I go to the holiday.

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