Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Malacca River Cruise

New sewer system that prevent dirty water from contaminating Malacca river

Water taxi
Building painted using air-brush

Water taxi

I dream that one day rivers in Malaysia espeacially that run throught Malaysian City will become as clean as rivers in Europe. Thanks to effort by Malacca State Government under Chief Minister Dato' Ali Rustam, Malacca River become new tourist attraction in Malacca.

The river clean up process including seperate sewer system for the building along Malacca river, beutification of the back of the building, construction of walkway, reconstruction of arch bridge and many others.

Among activities could be done along Malacca River is riding water taxi, shopping and riding Eye on Malacca.

Overall, thumbs up to state government. Don't miss the opportunity to visit Melacca. Don't forget to call 017-2002466 to book our homestay at Taman Merdeka. For more information do visit http://investandtravel.blogspot.com/2010/06/homestay-at-malacca-now-open-for.html

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Enemy of your money

As a writer, I also need to read other's writer book. This week I read book from Robert T Kiyosaki (famous author of Rich Dad Poor Dad). The book called Increasing Your Financial IQ.

The book list seven enemy of your money which are 7Bs

B - Bureaucrats (tax, summons etc)
B - Banker
B - Banks (paper money, credit card and low interest savings)
B - Businesses (shopping complex etc)\
B - Brides
B - Brother in law
B - Barrister (lawyer etc)

The 7Bs steel your money just like birds, insect and cat steel your food

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