Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hotel Thistle, Port Dickson, Malaysia

Hotel Thistle is one of the best 5 star hotel in Port Dickson. Port Dickson is a beach located about 1 and half hour drive south of Kuala Lumpur. A few years ago, the beach attraction is nothing to shout about. But thanks to the recent upgrade by the state government, the beach is now cleaner.

This hotel got many highlight. Among the thing is spa, 18 hole golf, boot camp, 3 big pools and infinity pool beside beach. During night time, the infinity pool is also a bar.

Just enjoy the picture and remember the reservation is only a call or click away.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah. History of computer in picture

You are considered old if you know one of the picture in this page. The first picture is Intel Overdrive processor. If you have 486 PC, just plug in the overdrive processor to upgrade to Pentium 83MHz!!
Now PC speed is measure in G Hz or thousand MHz.

Second picture is Zip drive. In this picture is 100MB zip drive. Oh wait, now my thumb drive is 4000MB.

Third picture is 33.6kbit/s modem. Compare with my old ADSL modem. 1024kbit/s.
Please do not compare it with fibre modem of TM Unifi.

And the last picture is the old digital camera. Compare it with Sony digital camera today.

Kondo Alam Prima, Shah Alam, Selangor

Alam Prima is a SPNB project in Shah Alam. I am still waiting for my unit to be completed. The project timeline is not quite clear until recently announce in Metro 14 February 2011 that the project will get the CF on Jun 2011.

Anyway the project progress is good. The finishing at this stage is better than published in the brosur.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Book Launching, Jusco Wangsa Maju

My book launch several month ago but only this time I publish the picture of book launching.
The book is still available at MPH bookstores but the stock is currently is quite limited. Alternatively you can buy directly from me for only RM26 including postage. Just SMS your full name and address to 019-3544321.

Restoran Marina, Tanjung Mas, Muar, Johor

Muar is a unique destination. But without much promotional on tourism activities, uniqueness of Muar is not well known.

My recent visit is Restoran Marina at Tanjung Mas. The landmark is the Masjid Jamek Muar (Old Mosque). The restaurant is located inside Muar Marina. The place is great and food price is similar with normal restaurant.

The view is spectacular with view of Malacca Straits and Muar River. The air is breathy and the place is clean. So next time if you visit Muar, do visit Restoran Marina

Middleburg Bastion, Malacca

If you think about Malacca, we will think about A Famosa Fort. In 2005, when they try to built underground parking lot, the contractor found a new fort. From the historical record, the newly found fort is called Middleburg Bastion built during Netherlands occupation after Portuguese era.

The Bastion is beside Mallacca river and within walking distance from Stadhuys Building (red building) and A Famosa Fort.

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