Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Upgrade Homestay

Rain Drop Shower Head

New Painting

After fasting month, there is not much activity for the homestay. So I decided to upgrade the facility for the homestay. The latest upgrade is at the bathroom. Now all the bathroom is equipped with rain drop shower head. The rain drop shower head is an oversized shower head. You can see the rain drop fall down and you will feel very relax as the rain drop touch your skin.

Compared with normal shower head, the rain drop will not damage your skin. It will maintain skin's natural oil protection. If you wish to get more info about the facility in the homestay do visit http://investandtravel.blogspot.com/2010/06/homestay-at-malacca-now-open-for.html or call 017-2002466 for reservations.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Zone Hotel, Johor Bahru

View from the pool

View from hotel

Swimming pool is clean and privacy

Drink bar

Outdoor shower

Recently during fasting month I visit Johor Bahru for some work. I decided to stay at The Zone Hotel, Stulang Darat, Johor Bahru. The hotel is located within the duty free zone of Stulang Darat. I stay at the hotel because of the promotional rate and the hotel also provide meal for sahur.

The hotel is nice with each room equipped with LCD TV. The best part is the pool is located on the roof top. The pool is not shared with cafe so your privacy is ensured. The water is clean and swimming in the morning is very nice. Since the hotel is located at the edge of Johor Straits, the air is breathy overlooking Singapore Island.

Next time when you visit Johor Bahru, do not missed the opportunity to stay the The Zone Johor Bahru.

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